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Welcome to America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation.

AVCRP is a diverse group of organizations and businesses united by the common goal of securing continued Congressional funding for conservation, outdoor recreation, and historic preservation programs.

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Senate Planning Rare Markup for Interior Department and EPA Spending Bill

For the first time in 5 years, the the Senate is planning a markup for the spending bill that funds the US Department of Interior and Environmental Protection Agency. The markup is planned for June 16th and will be followed by a full committee vote two days later.

Regular appropriations processes have been a challenge in recent years due to the ad hoc funding mechanisms employed in the wake of the downward economy and sequester, leading to subsequent short-term spending bills that are rarely implemented in time for the start of the fiscal year.

Senate Releases 302(b) Allocations: Investments Fall Short

The Senate Appropriations Committee today released their top-line funding levels for each of twelve federal appropriations bills, cutting conservation funding to $160 million below the already spartan House allocation unveiled earlier this month.

For analysis by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, click here.

The the allocation summaries, click here.

302(b) Allocations To Be Released Tomorrow

It appears that the Senate’s 302(b) allocations will be released tomorrow (Thursday, May 21st). Our coalition remains optimistic that the numbers will be higher than those released by the House two weeks ago. If not, funding for conservation programs will be perilously low. For more information on 302(b) allocations, and the budget process as a whole, please visit-


May 18, 2015 Appropriations Schedule

The following is the subcommittee markup schedule for the Senate Committee on Appropriations for the week of May 18, 2015.


Congress Nears Highway Infrastructure Bill Passage

The highway bill has been a vital funding source for conservation programs since 1992. Set to expire on May 31st, Congress is scrambling to pass a short-term extension.


Senate Appropriations Schedule for the Week of May 11, 2015

The following is the hearing schedule for the Senate Committee on Appropriations for the week of May 11, 2015.


Defense bill could determine the fate of the lesser prairie chicken

After the House Armed Services Committee adopted a measure in its defense policy bill to block special protections for the greater sage grouse, Republicans want to do the same for the lesser prairie chicken.

The bill will be debated this week on the House floor, and a group of Oklahoma Republicans are proposing an amendment that would block the re-listing of the prairie chicken on the endangered species list in 2021, unless the Interior secretary determines that a conservation plan is not working.

House Approves 2016 Natural Resources Bill

The U.S. House today approved the fiscal year 2016 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill on a vote of 240-177.


Congress To Cut Conservation Funding to 2006 Levels

What would a 16% cut in federal funding do to your family’s favorite fishing hole? If Congress has its way, we’re going to find out.

House Representatives Face Funding Challenge Following Recess

The House will begin consideration of bills to fund the federal government when members return to Washington from the spring recess.

House Approves Spending Blueprint

After two weeks of backroom negotiations with fiscal conservatives and defense hawks, the House approved a spending blueprint that would balance the budget in a decade, transform Medicare and Medicaid, prevent tax increases and repeal Obamacare.

Read more here.

The Wilderness Society Opposing Cuts Proposed By House and Senate Budgetary Committees

The House and Senate Budget Committees have proposed federal budgets for the coming year that would result in drastic spending cuts that will significantly erode the quality of our parks, forests and other protected public lands.

House Budget panel clears $3.8T Republican spending plan

The House Budget Committee cleared the latest GOP fiscal framework on Thursday. The committee passed the first budget from new Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) on a 22-13 party-line vote.

Outdoor Industry Association Study on the Outdoor Recreation Economy

Visit the OIA’s website to learn more about the economic benefits of outdoor recreation.

Outdoor recreation is an economic powerhouse in the United States, each year generating $646 billion in consumer spending and 6.1 million direct jobs. Hover over your state on the map to learn more, or click to download a PDF of the state’s report.

Blue, Gray & Green: Economic & Tourism Benefits of Battlefield Preservation

Civil War Battlefields are significant local assets, which are going to attract more attention in the coming years.

You can read the study here

The Outdoor Recreation Economy

Outdoor recreation is an economic powerhouse in the United States, each year generating $646 billion in consumer spending and 6.1 million direct jobs. Hover over your state on the map to learn more, or click to download a PDF of the state’s report.

You can read the study Here

U.S. Forests Continue to Create Jobs and Boost Economy Through Tourism

The U.S. Department of Agriculture highlighted how our nation’s forests are contributing billions of dollars to the economy and creating jobs through tourism, restoration, and renewable energy initiatives. The U.S. Forest Service released its annual visitor survey which showed Forest Service lands attracted 166 million visitors in 2011, and that visitor spending in nearby communities sustained more than 200,000 full- and part-time jobs. The Forest Service also announced that restoration efforts contributed $21 million to local economies and reduced fire threats on 123,000 acres of land nationwide.

Read the full Press Release here.

Outdoor Recreation: An Overlooked Economic Giant

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has released its newest economic study, which details the role that outdoor recreation plays as a major economic driver in the United States. Outdoor recreation accounts for $646 billion in spending that each year supports 6.1 million direct jobs and $80 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenue. This underscores the need for investment by the Federal Government in programs that bolster opportunities for consumers to participate in outdoor recreational activities.

Click here for the whole report.

National Parks Feed the American Soul

National Parks Feed the American Soul, an essay by Ken Burns.

Just before our documentary film series on the history of our national parks was first broadcast on PBS in the fall of 2009, I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share scenes from the film with President Obama in a small screening room at the White House. It was a great honor.

My wife, three daughters and son-in-law were with me, as was the family of my co-producer and writer, Dayton Duncan. Only a handful of other folks were there, and I have to confess that they blurred into the background as we showed the president highlights from our six-part, 12-hour series.

It was a personal and intimate moment for the president, too, momentarily distracted from the cares of his office. After the screening, he spoke movingly about his own trips to our national parks.

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Interior Secretary Salazar Answers Questions on Conservation and Outdoor Recreation